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Annual A/C Maintenance

We like to make the comparison to that of maintaining your car or truck when you have the oil changed or a tune up. Your home’s Heating and Central Air Conditioning units are the hardest working appliances in your home and since you depend on them the most, regular maintenance and service is a smart investment to keep them operating safely and efficiently. Without proper maintenance serious problems can develop causing you unnecessary repairs and expense. Not to mention the inconvenience of the unexpected down-time!

Ask us about our Annual Maintenance programs that offer you savings on repairs and operating costs.

Tradesman Mechanical can save you money with an Air Conditioning tune-up for your Winnipeg home.

Compare our annual service options and protect your central a/c.


  1. Check / clean air filter    

  2. Replace thermostat batteries        

  3. Monitor refrigerant pressures       

  4. Inspect Capacitors and boosters 

  5.  Check contactor points for wear 

  6. Measure temperature drop    

  7. Verify compressor starting capabilities (sound check)            

  8. Check condenser fan operation & wear(visual and sound)        

  9. Confirm evaporator is condensing    

  10. Clear/clean condensate drain    

$124 plus taxes


  1. Check / clean air filter 

  2. Replace /Air Clean Filter (Regular 16 x 25 x1) 

  3.  Check and cycle thermostat    

  4. Replace thermostat batteries        

  5. Monitor refrigerant pressures    

  6. Check contactor points for wear    

  7. Inspect Capacitors and boosters    

  8. Measure temperature drop    

  9. Verify compressor starting capabilities (sound check)    

  10. Verify compressor starting capabilities ( Amperage test)        

  11. Check condenser fan operation & wear(visual and sound)    

  12. Check condenser fan operation & wear (Amperage test)        

  13. Confirm evaporator is condensing    

  14. Clear/clean condensate drain    

  15. Check wiring for any loose or burnt connection points        

  16. Static pressure test        

  17. Verify integrity of line set        

  18. Inspect evaporator coil for blockage, light brushing only (Heavier coil cleaning also requires drain flushing and extra fees.)        

  19. Rinse outdoor condenser with garden hose (pressure washing extra)

$155 plus taxes

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