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Electrical Services

Tradesman Mechanical offers a full complement of electrical services. From troubleshooting and repair of existing equipment and wiring to the complete installation of almost anything new.

  • Service upgrades 100 & 200 amp

  • Custom wiring for new equipment

  • Lighting upgrades and conversions

  • Exit and Emergency lighting

  • Kitchen & Bath renovations

  • Electric heat – all types

  • Knob and tube Removal

  • Safety Inspections

Panel Upgrades

Many Winnipeg homes built 30 years ago had electrical systems installed that were typically a 60 Amp capacity. A lot of today’s electrical appliances and equipment were not available or even invented back then and our power needs as homeowners has grown substantially.

  • Are your fuses blowing?

  • Do your circuit breakers trip out?

  • Switching to an electric water heater?

  • Planning to add central Air?

  • Are you out of circuits?

  • Is your wiring overloaded?

Most of the dangers associated with older electrical systems can be prevented by upgrading your home’s electrical panel.  An electrical safety inspection will help identify and outline any repairs or upgrading to make your home safe and in tune with your current power requirements.

Additional Wiring

Residential electrical wiring improvements not only increase the value and status of your home, they can help you save money and energy while increasing the functionality and safety concerns for today’s Winnipeg homeowners.

Some of the more popular electrical improvements include:

  • Dedicated kitchen receptacles

  • Bathroom fans

  • Outdoor motion lites

  • Occupancy timers

  • Light timers and dimmer controls

  • Surge protection for computers

  • Rec-room and garage wiring

  • Electrical safety inspections



At Tradesman we take you and your family’s safety seriously. We want to make sure that your home or business is protected from electrical hazards. Electrical repairs should not be put off for any length of time.

If you have an emergency situation with no power or exposed live wiring, call us at 204-888-2020 for immediate response and one of our certified technicians will be dispatched.

City of Winnipeg License #A984.

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