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Heating Troubleshooting

As it goes, your furnace will be tested to its limits on the coldest Winnipeg winter day. Since there is always a chance that something simple could be found that would prevent your gas furnace from not starting, take a minute or two and read on.

Check out this list to help identify what may be preventing your furnace from working before calling a heating company to have your furnace serviced by a professional.

Furnace Troubleshooting Guide

  • Is your thermostat set in the “heat” position?

  • Is the temperature setting on the thermostat set higher than the thermostat’s indoor temperature?

  • If you have a digital thermostat, can you see the heat icon clearly and are the batteries good?

  • Is the power turned on for your furnace? At the thermostat, turn the fan to “ON.” The fan should run when power is being supplied to furnace.

  • If the fan does not run, the power may not be getting to the furnace.  Is the circuit breaker on or is the fuse at the panel box good?  Is the service switch for the furnace in the “on” position?

  • Have you changed your filter? A blocked filter can cause your unit to overheat and shut down due to lack of proper airflow.

  • Are the air registers (supply or return ducts) blocked or plugged?

  • On older model furnaces with a standing pilot check if the pilot light is on.

  • On newer model condensing furnaces the plastic vent pipes need to be completely clear of any blockage such as frost or ice build-up.

  • Newer furnaces have a diagnostic feature that will show up a fault code on the circuit board. A red or yellow LED light will flash a repeated sequence to indicate the nature of the fault. It is helpful to know this flash code if and when you call in for service.

NOTE: The servicing of a furnace by an un-qualified person can lead to costly problems, health risks and fire hazards. Our technicians have the knowledge, training and test equipment to properly service your furnace.

Tradesman Heating and Cooling has service technicians and technical support staff available 24 hours.

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