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New Home & Renovation Solutions

We pride ourselves on our ability to come up with unique solutions to any of your HVAC needs. There is so much more to heating and air central A/C than standard furnaces and air conditioners.

Our Comfort Experts at Tradesman can advise you and provide insightful recommendations and options for your New Home or renovation project. And we’ll follow up our recommendations with first-class service you can count on.

Many older homes lack central ventilation and duct work. These homes may require a different kind of heating and cooling solution, depending on the specifics of the home.  Some people with new homes are simply interested in the benefits that a Smart Thermostat, a new Gas Fireplace, or state-of-the-art indoor air quality system can provide.

Whatever your needs Tradesman Heating and Cooling has the HVAC solution that’s perfect for your New or old Winnipeg Home.

Relocating Your Central Air Conditioner

Landscaping or planning for a new Patio Deck & your Air Conditioner is in the way?

Wall brackets can be a good way to create more room for a new flower bed or to simply make it easier to keep the grass or weeds down.  Relocating the outdoor condenser to a more desirable spot can be somewhat costly due to the Freon handling process involved but still worth it to complete your outdoor living project as you had planned.

Local City of Winnipeg Bylaws will regulate side yard clearances and how close to a neighboring window you are allowed for sound control.

Relocating Your Furnace

Renovating your basement and your furnace or duct work is in the way?

There are times when a basement floor plan is to some extent spoiled or broken up because of the location of the furnace and or water heater. The chimney vent piping is usually the main restricting factor that may only allow for relocation by a few feet or so.

New furnaces however use plastic PVC vent piping that is usually less restrictive since it will terminate through an outside wall. Headroom can sometimes be improved with custom duct work that may be shallower but still wider. Relocating duct work is sometimes possible as long as size is not compromised and the required airflow is maintained.

Relocating your Ducts

Planning a basement renovation and one of your ducts is in the way, or a little too low? Or the location of your furnace is ruining your floor plan and you wonder if it could be moved? Adding a new bedroom and need supply and return air ducts added or moved?

One of our Tradesman comfort advisors can provide you with duct work options and perhaps help solve your home renovation challenges.

Tradesman Heating and Cooling can provide you with a complimentary consultation and options for your renovation project in Winnipeg.

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