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Sheet Metal Products

Tradesman Heating and Air Conditioning offers you a wide range of sheet metal goods and services.

  • Solutions for Hot or Cold rooms

  • Custom sheet metal fittings

  • Modifications to existing ductwork

  • Complete duct & ventilation package for new home construction

  • Home renovation projects

  • Options to relocate your furnace

  • Combustion or Fresh Air Supply Ducts

Duct Modifications

The average home in Winnipeg was likely built with undersized ductwork. Homes that have had renovations or additions over the years also have possible duct issues if they were not addressed during construction.  Undersized ductwork is one of the leading causes for equipment failure, second only to lack of maintenance.

  • Furnaces will fail prematurely since they will run hotter.

  • Air Conditioners will perform poorly due to less humidity removal

  • Blower fan motors burn out sooner due to high static pressure

  • Air diffusers are noisy due to restricted ductwork.

Poorly assembled or damaged ductwork will result in reduced equipment performance as well.
One of our sheet metal technicians will size and suggest changes that will optimize air flow throughout your home, taking into account the cfm required for both your furnace and air conditioner. Duct modifications may include a new plenum or supply ducts, supply and return air branch runs, repairs or removal of existing sheet metal.

Custom Fittings

Properly designed and installed ductwork is essential to operating an efficient heating and air conditioning unit. Tradesman can fabricate custom sheet metal ductwork or rebuild any duct components you may require in order to increase the effectiveness of your heating and air conditioning system.

At Tradesman all of our Furnace replacements are performed by one of our licensed B-Gas fitters that will custom fabricate any required sheet metal transitions with our mobile sheet metal “shop on wheels” for first class professional results.

Hot or Cold Rooms

Do you have a room or space in your home that is uncomfortable? Too warm, too cold, too damp or to dry; we offer solutions for all your comfort needs.

Tradesman Mechanical is committed to promoting energy saving solutions to our customers. We have taken the Green approach to modeling our 10,000 square foot facility to showcase the systems and products that we offer.

Our comfort center at 975 Main St. is Heated and Cooled with 100% Geothermal. Our office area is also equipped with a functional 21 seer heat pump for demonstration purposes. We have also installed an assortment of Power Smart lighting, including T8 ,T5, occupancy controls and other energy saving systems.

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