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Water Heater Repair

Your Winnipeg Water Heater Repair Experts


If your gas or electric water heater is leaking or not working properly Tradesman offers a complete repair and replacement list of options for Winnipeg  and surrounding areas.

Our Water Heater Service includes:

  • No hot water

  • Not enough hot water

  • Water Heater Leaking

  • Water Heater Breaker tripping

  • Service to Gas Water Heaters

  • Service to Electric Water heaters

  • All Sizes and Brands

Our Gas hot Water Heater Repairs includes:

  • Leaky or stuck Water valve replacement

  • Gas valve replacement

  • Pressure release valve repair and replacement

  • Flame sensor cleaning or replacement

  • Anode rod installation or replacement

  • Replace broken supply dip tube

  • Ignition system repair or replacement

  • Burner cleaning, adjustment or replacement


Our Electric hot Water Heater Repairs includes:

  • Replace faulty Breaker or fuse

  • Replace faulty elements

  • Repair any bad wire connections

  • Adjust or replace thermostat control

  • Reset or Replace faulty limit control

  • Replace broken supply dip tube

Also included in our water heater maintenance and water heater repair service is to verify that the water heater is correctly installed and operating safely. We check for Backdrafting on Gas water heaters, and for any installation issues that may not meet today’s Gas or Electrical code requirements.

Call us today for dependable and affordable service.  204-888-2020


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