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Financing a New Furnace in Winnipeg

Updated: Feb 23

A lot of homeowners will not have extra cash on hand to cover the cost for replacing the most important piece of equipment in their Winnipeg home. Our frigid temperatures can not only put extra stress on an older heating system but on our pockets books as well when the timing isn’t right.

A typical furnace purchase of $5000-$6000 can be financed to cost as little as $62.50 a month, with no money down. For most homeowners this unplanned purchase suddenly becomes a very do-able monthly payment. You can also finance a portion of the purchase if need be. For example, if you wanted to add central A/C or a water heater upgrade you could finance solely the cost of the furnace and pay cash for the rest.

Option #1

Manitoba Energy Efficiency Assistance Program (EEAP). (Previously known as Manitoba Hydro low income program)

Winnipeg homeowners and tenants with limited incomes may be eligible to qualify for a new high-efficiency natural gas furnace for only $9.50/month for a fixed term of 5 years. (Total of $570.00) The main consideration is that the existing furnace be a natural draft series without draft assisted venting. In more simple terms older gas furnaces with a standing pilot lite are probably 30 or more years old and would qualify. This is like an absolute Gift for households with limited incomes. Click here to see if you Qualify

Option #2

Financeit (Previously Snap Financial)

Financeit has helped hundreds of thousands of homeowners just like you afford the improvements they need. People like financing with Snap because we provide fast, fair and friendly payment solutions. We offer approvals within minutes through our trusted service providers so you can start your home improvement project today.

Click here to apply or call us for assistance.

HOMEOWNER BENEFITS TO OUR FINANCING OPTIONS • By not depleting cash reserves, you are better prepared for real emergencies. • Invest in added upgrades now instead of costly repairs later. • Add value to your home with the most energy efficient option. • Both have much lower interest rates than most credit cards • Affordable monthly payments with open prepayment options.

Worried about all the paperwork?

We’ll take care of it for you! At Tradesman Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand that these types of documents can end up being complicated to complete. Our experienced team can do it for you and send it off to get your application started today. 204-888-2020

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