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Furnace Warranties – What you may not know

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

If your heating equipment has developed a problem within the first year of installation you should contact your installing contractor. All reputable Heating and Cooling contractors will cover both parts and labor for at least the first year following the installation.

Not sure who the installing contractor is? Most if not all HVAC distributors or wholesalers in Winnipeg will have documentation that will confirm purchases and or registration of both Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. If you just purchased a new home, the builder will be able to direct you to the installer. If those approaches fail, look at the unit itself – some contractors will leave a sticker on the unit with their contact information. If you are not able to find the installing company or they’ve gone out of business, don’t worry. Your parts warranty remains valid as long as a licensed heating contractor does the work — however, you will likely need to pay for the labor costs.

Most manufacturers have moved from providing a basic 5 year parts to a 10 yr parts and 25 yr or lifetime heat exchanger warranty providing that the equipment gets registered after installation. All gas furnaces have a data nameplate that includes the Model and Serial numbers that can at least prove the date of manufacture.

If your service person or Winnipeg Heating Contractor makes multiple service calls and is unsuccessful in resolving the problem, you may need a second opinion. Consider the following before you calling in a second Heating Company.

  • Be patient – you may simply have an intermittent hard-to-diagnose problem. HVAC equipment is most often made from parts and components from many different suppliers. Although you are inconvenienced, it may take a few attempts to solve the problem.

  • If your equipment is new and parts and labor are covered by the installing company, you may want to wait. Some contractors will void their extended labor warranty if you bring in another contractor. A better option may be to ask your Heating Contractor to contact the manufacturer’s technical field representative and get their input.

  • If you have been paying for repeated service issues and your contractor suggests an expensive repair (or replacement), you should consider getting an independent opinion. If the two opinions match, then you’re out an hour’s labor cost. But if they don’t, you may have saved yourself an expensive alternative!

Much of this will come down to trust. If you believe that your contractor is trustworthy and competent, stick with them. If not, get a second opinion or more input from the Manufacturer.

What about the fine print?

Things That Might Invalidate Your Warranty

Even a lifetime warranty can be void if you don’t follow the rules. Most HVAC warranties require proof that the equipment has been properly maintained with regular annual maintenance. Be sure to schedule annual checkups and keep the paperwork somewhere safe.

Gas Furnace warranties may be invalid on day one if a certified contractor does not install the unit with proper permits and start-up commissioning. If you plan to install it yourself, make sure you read the fine print.

Important Conditions

All Gas furnace warranties have conditions under which they remain valid and often relate back to who bought the unit. Some become void once the home changes ownership.

Most warranties also require the unit to be registered within 60 or 90 days of installation to be valid.


Warranty coverage on accessories such as Condensate pumps, Thermostats,

Humidifiers/De-humidifiers are almost always excluded in the Furnace Manufacture Warranty. As an optional or add-on component, one year warranty coverage is most often the norm unless of course the installing Heating contractor has an extended option for these.

After Hours Service

Equipment manufacturer’s warranty offers contractors a labor component that does not include any surcharges for additional afterhours or travel expense. It falls on your Winnipeg Heating Contractor to either waive or offer no cost after hours fees based on having an annual maintenance plan that provides this protection.

Tradesman Mechanical is here to help Winnipeg homeowners with their situations to benefit from any available furnace warranty opportunities. Call us today for a complimentary consultation. 204-888-2020 or visit us at

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